Hello friend, I'm Josie! Welcome to my shop of everything. Who's Junie? She's my first born and the reason why I came up with the Junie scarf. At first, the scarf was more of an accessory to complete a super awesome baby outfit. But then, it turned out that living in a cold place, I needed a way to keep her warm and to minimize her chances of getting sick. Have you gone out in the cold without a scarf on? FREEZING. Seriously, there is such a difference in your body temperature. And, this isn't scientifically proven or non-scientifically proven but rumor is that I keep a Junicorn in a closet around these parts and she sprinkles magic napping dust on the scarves to help kids sleep better while traveling...just saying.


I also couldn't deal with the wrap around twice kind of scarf because as a new mom those accessories scream "STRANGLING HAZARD." You know how you pull one end and it tightens the other. Yikes. And as much as I love a bulky, flowy, wrap around twice kind of scarf, those things are just restrictive for a kid who is wanting to play in the snow, run around and...see where they are going. It's very simple and light and kids tend to actually keep it on because it's not bothersome. 

So there you have it. 

Anywho, where were we? Ah, yes. Scarves. They're awesome, light, and ridiculously warm (and you can also use them as ear warmers. i know, right!?) I've also heard from a few people that they have magical sleep powers. I crochet each one with love and much motherly concern for warmth, health and happiness. 

And what is this Our Own Kindred stuff? When I'm not crocheting and taking care of children and being a wife, I'm doodling and designing. I'm inspired by things from my culture and heritage, the Tongan people. So occasionally I'll put stuff up on here.

You can contact me at: thejuniescarf@gmail.com

You can also find me on instagram here

Stay warm everyone! 


Josie, Junie, Peej & Red aka the cold, cough, sniffle prevention team!